Bamon Diaries

I have only two emotions: careful fear and dead devotion
                                                                                  (I can’t get the balance right)

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This vid tho, you guys!! THE MANIPS ALONE ARE MORE THAN WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION. xxwhisperofdreamsxx you’ve outdone yourself!


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Bamon | Fire & Ice

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"Love comes in many forms."

For my awesome friend Kat, happy birthday bb! I love you!

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 I’ll fucking digest you one kiss at a time.. 

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Kat Graham Foster Grant Photo Shoot

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Everyone go vote for Kat Graham In the 2014 teen choice awards. She has been nominated in the Actress Fantasy/sci-fi category along with co-stars Nina and Claire. All of us here have so much love for Kat and look up to her as an actress and a person. She seriously deserves this. Kat is such a talented actress and such a beautiful person. Everyone go vote!! Nina has won in this category for the past 5 years. Everyone go vote for Kat! Vote everyday.

Lets make this happen

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Bamon AU Adventure Part 7: Damon’s new memories are taking a toll on him.

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